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Rules and Such

1.) Hello, welcome to the community. This is a great place for information and support. We don't advocate any type of treatments that should be done by a medical doctor, we just offer information and support in the fight against this disease. There are many resources listed here, and there are also a lot of wonderful people to help you as well. Please read the following rules before joining. Thanks!

2.) Although it is so important to have at your finger tips the medical information, clinical trials and even some statistics, it is so invaluable to also allow smiles, laughter, sharing of jokes and even pictures! For its in doing these things we tell the *beast* to drop dead! We are taking care of the physical forms we inhabit, I also believe it imperative we take care of the inner us too. With this being said, members of this community are not allowed to get in arguments about this, because it is a place for everything. Information, statistics, grieving, support, laughter, and fun. This community isn't limited to just one idea. If arguments erupt over these things, that member will be banned. Negative karma and put-downs will not be tolerated here. Also, no bigotry and hate here. Only the open-minded apply. Leave your judgements at the door.

3.) Although this is a community for mainly just information and support, quizzes are allowed. However, they should be put behind an lj-cut. Long entries should also be put behind an lj-cut as well. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, learn it fast, otherwise you'll upset other lj'ers.

4.) When you join, please make an introduction post. It doesn't have to be too detailed. Just let us know who you are, why you joined the community. We look forward to meeting you, and should you have any questions or ideas, just contact the main moderator. Since the moderator would like to remain anon. publicly, you can reach a hold of her via an entry. Simply just post an entry stating what your question/idea is and she should be back at you shortly.

Some helpful links

Lymphoma & Cancer Information/Resources

- American Cancer Society
- Cancer Bacup
- Cancer Care Ontario
- Cancer Consultants
- Choose Hope
- Healthology
- LeaukemiaLymphomaFYI.com
- Lymphoma.com
- Lymphoma Association
- Lymphoma Focus
- Lymphoma Foundation Canada
- Lymphoma Information
- Lymphoma Information Network
- Lymphoma Innovations
- Lymphoma Research Foundation
- Lymphonation
- Medscape
- National Cancer Institute
- Needy Medications
- NHL Abstracts
- Oncolink
- Oncology Channel
- Patient Centers
- Team In Training
- The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
- University Of PA Search On Cancer News
- Veritas Medicine (trials)


- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma by Margie Patlak
- Various Articles On Lymphoma

MSN Groups

- Hodgkin's Lymphoma
- Hodgkin's Lymphoma Help
- Lymphoma Support
- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends

Yahoo Groups

- Burkitt's Lymphoma
- Gastric Lymphoma
- Hodgkin's Lymphoma
- Lymphoma
- Lymphoma Survivors
- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Mailing Lists

- Cancer Fatigue
- Cancer and Finances
- Cancer Pain
- Clinical Trials
- Hodgkin's Disease/Lymphoma
- Long-term Survivors
- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
- Parents with children of lymphoma


- E-Health
- Support Path
- NHL Chat
- NHL CyberFamily
- Stop NHL
Get Live NHL Help

Other cancer/disease/health/support related communities on Lj


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