geoffbrown (geoffbrown) wrote in lymphoma_peeps,

The Healer

My partner Travis died 13 and a half months ago from Sezary Syndrome, a rare form of leukemic lymphoma. Some of you have probably seen a couple of my posts in the past. I still miss Trav every day but the intense pain of the first months after his death has subsided. All of our experiences are different. For me, time has been The Healer. My life will never be the same for having loved Trav through his illness and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I remember our life together I remember the good, the bad, and the ugly and there was some of each--it was rich and has added a dimension to me that would not exist otherwise.

Grief is an interesting thing. There is really no way around it even if we avoid it for a time to give ourselves a break. It is always there waiting for us to grapple with. If you have found yourself in my shoes or should you in the future I would say if you avoid grief to give yourself a break .... that's okay, but don't fear it. Embrace the journey with grief as your partner for a time. As we embrace it, walk with it, breathe it, taste it, smell it .... grief will slowly begin to lose it's grip and power over us.

Those of you battling lymphoma or have a loved one battling, know that my heart and spirit are with you. Have courage and take heart. Share your stories to inspire and lift each other up. You will be strengthened.
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