Leah Bea (ch4ng1ng_r1v3r) wrote in lymphoma_peeps,
Leah Bea

Hi! It's me again!

My husband was officially diagnosed with Stage II B Hodgkins Lymphoma/ It's questionable about what subtype he has.

Originally his oncologist said that he was going to do the standard ABVD Chemotherapy. Once every two weeks.

Then the oncologist decided that the other subtype it could be was potentially too dangerous to allow a two week regime, so he's decided to do chemo once a week. And instead of doing chemo for six months, he'll only have to do it for three.

I'm wondering what the expect with all of this. I know nausea, hair loss, and what not. But I'm wondering if we need to be extra extra careful about illnesses and how to do this. He's a student at university right now. Luckily he's only going to two traditional classes, but still wondering if you guys have any suggestions for avoiding illness.

I'm also wondering if it's... normal... to not want to know anything about your disease besides the basics the doctor tells you and not really caring about what exactly treatment does. My husband is kind of avoiding everything to do with his cancer and the only way he really knows what he knows is because his dad and I keep harassing him with things we have learned.

Also, what's the best way to deal with relatives when it comes to this? We've told his mom and she's kinda... crazy. I mean, in a controlling way. Just wondering what a good way to get her to sit down and understand the extra stress she's causing my husband is bad...

Hm... I guess that's all of my questions for now.

Thanks, everyone, for your answers to my last post. :) Thanks to them, my husband was relieved when his doctor advised having a port installed. He looks forward to having the easier chemo.
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