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Hello, all.

Hi! My name is Leah and my husband was just diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

He's going in to the doctor on Monday to go through all those fun tests to decide what stage he's at and I have a couple of questions I hope you guys can help answer.

1) Are the tests painful? He's supposed to go to work that night, and he really doesn't want to call off, so I'm wondering if the bone marrow biopsy will hurt him a lot.

2) He's expected to go through chemo at least, what can we except? He as the patient and myself as the care giver.

3) Are there any certain foods that you would suggest for days when he goes through chemo?

4) Is there anything that we should know about that we probably will never think to ask anyone?

Thanks for your guys' help. I'm sorry if I ask silly questions. I'm really nervous and scared about this.

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