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Ju Ju Bee


First, so you all know I am a member of this community for a reason. I had lymphoma and I've been chemo-free for about 10 months now. 


Some of you may have seen this post . I was upset by it but others quickly realized suspicious things were going on with Brittany's supposed nurse, magikalmooshu. As you can see, that LJ is now deleted. fake_lj_deaths has researched this and discovered Britney is not dead. She has been communicating with family members and has been out partying since her "death" on Friday the 13th. She also has no death certificate on file at the courthouse which is required before donating her body to science as her friend claimed she was.

I'm sorry to those of you who fell victim to this. It upsets me that our community was exploited in this way. If you have questions on the details, I will do my best to help answer them despite the community being locked. I don't know if satellite618 actually had cancer or not but I do know she is alive.

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