geoffbrown (geoffbrown) wrote in lymphoma_peeps,

The Final Dance

My partner, Travis, passed away just a couple of weeks ago from Sezary Syndrome--a rare form of lymphoma/leukemia. He spent the great majority of the past few months in the hospital for numerous things from blood transfusions to sepsis to pneumonia. Finally, he decided he'd had enough needles and I took him home on hospice care on August 24th. He only lived for 6 more days before he passed on the 30th. It is hard for me to admit and accept that his passing is a blessing, but truly it was. His quality of life had so deteriorated and he was ready. I knew his death was coming, but it is still hard for me to accept. He's always come home from previous hospitalizations relatively healthier. It became clear during the latest hospitalization that he was not getting better. He chose to die at home. I am so thankful for hospice and the compassionate and supportive care they provided for those 6 days. They were infinitely more compassionate and caring than the hospital and that is not meant as a criticism to hospitals, but only to demonstrate the intense attention and love that Travis received from the hospice workers in our home. I was so priveleged to support him and care for him through this illness and even more honored to be at his side during the last moments of his life. On August 30th, God did for Travis what no doctors, no family members, nor friends could do .... in an instant He healed Travis forever. --Goodbye for now my love! I will see you on the other side.
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